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About Me

I am Abdul Alsaeed

Abdullah Alsaeed (born 22 February 1988) a Saudi explorer, adventurer seeker and a nature lover. I also consider myself on a mission to explore every part of this world. One has only one chance at life, and I don’t want to waste it. I want to leave my mark and aspire to become an inspiration for future generations. I want to show the world that anything is possible, and nothing is impossible, as long as one is armed with will and determination. I am just a normal man, but my extraordinary ambitions are what makes me different. What motivated me to be an explorer is my belief that life is too short to bear boredom and my love for adventure and exploration made me love doing things I had never tried before and visiting unfamiliar places and meeting new people.


48hrs isolation in the Amazon Rainforest

Being isolated in the amazon rainforest and connected with nature for 48hrs is the most tranquil and peaceful feeling which words can not describe. As usual, I had to cut off my connection with the world to connect with nature and find peace and quiet.

200 kilometers on foot to explore the Empty Quarter Desert

It was a wonderful and amazing cultural experience in the world of desert, during which I challenged myself to walk 200 km to explore the empty quarter, choosing the camel to be my companion. My first stop was from Sharurah, a city in the south of Saudi Arabia. Its inhabitants are known as the People of Ramla (people of the sand), the name being given to the fact that its inhabitants have lived their whole lives near the desert.

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My goal is to travel the whole world, exploring new things is my passion and I am proud to say that I am living my passion. So far, I have visited more than 40 countries, each of which left an indelible mark on my memory.