Sholin Temple

Shaolin Temple in Yunnan province

The journey of contemplation to enjoy the old historical space

The Shaolin Monastery is a Buddhist temple located in the ancient town of Guandu, Kunming City, in Yunnan Province, China. This temple goes beyond anything I have read about it on the Internet, it is a special place that gives extraordinary training on many different styles of martial arts. Not only does it educate the trainee to become a great fighter’s, the Shaolin Temple also provides support and help its students to recognize and understand their personal goals and the condition of their bodies to enable them to be stronger, more focused and more accurate.

Kung Fu Art training in China and Chinese life philosophy

Life in a temple can be summed up as a unique experience of discipline, with seven hours of intensive training each day, and I have witnessed more than that. Which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese civilization, values and philosophy of life, especially the way of life in the temple.

The experience is extremely extraordinary

For anyone who loves this kind of experience, I would advise you to visit the Shaolin Temple, which will add to you a lot of extraordinary information and unique experience, through which you will learn a lot about Chinese perspectives and way about life.

An experience full of surprise and excitement 

If your goal is to get excellent training in kung fu, then the Shaolin Temple will do more for you than you can imagine. Every day I spent there, it was an experience full of wonder and excitement, which has certainly helped me raise my physical and mental health to stronger and farther horizen. It is important to note that you are allowed to practice your religion with all ease.

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