Palau Island

There is a first time for everything in Palau

The reason I wrote this title “There is a first time for everything in Palau” is because this place will make you experience things you have never experienced before. If you are following my blog, I am an explorer, and life for me is to wander from one place to another to explore everything that is new. Of course, like any explorer, I do not tend to stay in one place for long. That is why I have visited Palau, which, although it is so small island, yet its beautiful nature will catch your eye at first glance.

The Dream Experience

I stayed in Palau for 7 days, from which I spent 3 days getting an open water diving certificate, which usually people get it in 4 days, but I got my certificate in 3 days. My love and passion for diving was one of the reasons I had my wedding underwater in the Maldives. After getting the certificate, I did my first open-water dive 18 meters deep and watching the gorgeous aquatic life was like a dream.

I learned a lot in Palau

Palau has one of the best diving sites in the world, so for the first time in my life I dived and swim with sharks. Let me tell you when looking at the sharks you will recall all the movies you have seen about them, but then you will realize that these living creature acts according to its nature. Of course, I can not deny that it was a scary moment, but it was an unforgettable one, and from now on I will always search to get a chance to dive with them again and again.

Paradise on land

Palau has a population of only 17,000, and a small human presence may be the reason why the region’s original beauty continues starting from rocky islands to its aquatic life. You can simply do everything you want in Palau ,it is a paradise on land for explorers. Few trips will enable you to learn new things. But unlike in Palau, I learned a lot, where for the first time I flew a Drones, walked on a rope (slackline), swam with a turtle in the ocean also ate Fruit Bats. Simply, Palau is one of the places where I have had a lot of fun adventures for the first time. For me, if there is any place on Earth where an explorer-like me can settle in, Palau will definitely be on the list.

Do you know what’s more amazing than swimming with sharks?

Swimming with jellyfish was a new and extraordinary experience for me, which added a lot to my underwater experiences.

One of my experiences on the island of Palau was rafting, although I am used to such experience, but it was the first time I spent a full day rafting in an ocean and not a river. Moreover, while free diving, I saw the shipwrecks which was blown up by the Germans to create a pathway for ships during the World War II, and back then Palau was under Japanese control. Visiting the German Canal is definitely an unforgettable experience, especially when Manta is a regular visitor, so it is very likely to see one of them. Although, to see a Manta in the channel, you must have plenty of time – which was something I didn’t have, because my trip just started.

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