A Beautiful Country 


Is the fundamental of every trip and the discovery of new places and love of adventure that has led me to Oman. I set out for the trip with two of my friends to discover the country natural beauty, beautiful beaches and many more.

The start of the journey was arriving late

Muscat the capital

First of all, we chose a traditional place to eat breakfast at ,(Rozana’s restaurant). I think the food tells you a lot about the culture. The experience was great, and the food was completely different from what I’m used to.

Before the flight

I reached out to an adventure travel agency (Hussak) to inquire about the most difficult trip they could organize in Oman. I always like to challenge myself and push my limits. We reached out to the Agency to embark on a journey to Umq Bir Valley, the most beautiful desert oases in the country, because it contains beautiful pools of water. It took about three hours to reach the valley by car from Muscat, and then another hour off-road in the mountains. We arrived at our destination at night and prepared our steak for dinner, and our belongings – ropes, life jackets, helmets and other equipments.

Enjoying the night at the beach

One always deserves a chance to catch his breath and relax and we really needed it, so sleeping next to the sea is really one of the best moments. The next morning we went back to the village and had breakfast, while we reminisced about the best moments we had on the trip and laughed from all our hearts. Traveling with Hussak was a good decision and an excellent choice. They were very professional, very friendly and offered us an enjoyable and memorable journey. After breakfast, we traveled to the city.

Spending the night in the valley is difficult

During the trip, one of our group members felt tired, which caused us to slow down for a while. Being with a group, you can not leave anyone behind, and yet it is hard to spend the night in the valley. So it took us a longer to reach the village, yet we really enjoyed every moment of swimming, climbing and living the Omani rural life until we arrived at the village after 13 hours of adventure.

Soon after arriving at the village, we immediately drove to the beach and spent the night there.

At the end of the day

I can not describe the moment of sleeping outdoors, especially without a tent, staring at the beauty and brilliance of the stars in the sky, enjoying the breeze of the night. Its a dream-like!

Enchanted Muscat

As soon as we arrived, I encouraged my friends to explore more of the enchanted Muscat. We spent the rest of the day touring various areas of the city, including the famous Souq Matrah, which is perhaps one of the oldest markets in the entire Arab world. We also passed by the mall and then decided to rest in Qurum beach which is a calm and relaxing area.

A fishing trip

My spirit is an outgoing spirt that knows no lethargy, so I decided to go the next day on a fishing trip with (Alsansool) Company and convinced my friend to accompany me. It was a good day, an excellent fishing day and we used 8 or 9 hooks in one automated rode (though I always prefer manual rode). After we finished, we took todays catch to a restaurant in the fish market in Muscat, to clean and cook it. Then, we continued exploring the city a little bit before the return trip home. Our visit to Oman was a beautiful and wonderful experience, and I really hope to see this beautiful country again soon!

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My goal is to travel the whole world, exploring new things is my passion and I am proud to say that I am living my passion. So far, I have visited more than 40 countries, each of which left an indelible mark on my memory.