North Pole

North Pole

If you like what you do , do not let the difficulties of life stop you from fulfilling your dream! A ticket to the Top point of the World

Incredible details

It is difficult to describe the visual richness of the dim polar light, the details of the snow crystals, the beautiful colors reflected by the shifting of the snow, the pressure glaciers and the ice erosion are all natural features of the Arctic Ocean, and I was fortunate to experience them all, on my trip to the top point of the World.

The difficulty of the beginning 

It’s not easy to ski across the north pole to reach 90 degrees north, especially as a ski beginner while dragging a sled that weighs 65 kilometres. Imagine the feeling when skiing in one of the most hostile environments in the world, in addition of it being the territory of polar bears. That is why I always had a flare gun on hand to keep me safe.


On the second day I had frostbite on my fingers and the situation continued to get worse day by day. To prevent it from getting to the point where I lose my fingers, I had to keep them warm, which means I always kept my gloves on. Dealing with the frostbites was extremely difficult and there was no guaranty that I will mot lose my fingers, due to the freezing weather. Fortunately, the frostbite had stabilized, and I was able to keep all my fingers and I complete the expedition.

Be adventurous

The most exciting thing about traveling to the North Pole is sleeping In a place and waking up in another, because of the drifting ocean. The daily question remains “What direction will we be drifting to?“, and the answer remains anonymous. Our aim was going north but unfortunately, we have drifted to the south many times. If adventures is the thing you love and you want to experience the true sense of accomplishment, you must challenge yourself to the North Pole. I am sure that this ineffable experience will reveal many opportunities and challenges your mental and physical firmness.

Preparation to the Top point of the World

Preparing for the North Pole was the longest I have ever made. I started to prepare physically working hard on my fitness; I was spending six hours a day working out for two months in a row and I would have an early session at the gym (watch the video here). And the second session was at the park where I pull stuff I made myself that was 65kg and I would drag it for about 3-5 hours a day for Arctic reality simulation. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time sorting out my gear, clothing and equipment that I would use on the trip, but due to different weather conditions in Saudi Arabia there was almost nothing I could buy from here, so I got my items from different places in the world, and the logistics took long time. In regards to flight, my first destination was Istanbul, Turkey; I was able to get the visa from the airport. Then my next stop was Oslo, Norway which I applied for the Schengen visa a while back. Then from Oslo to Svalbard and Schengen visa is enough. Finally too charter flight to reach to the North Pole and from there we took Helicopter flying us 1 nautical mile away from 90 degree North to start out trip.

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My goal is to travel the whole world, exploring new things is my passion and I am proud to say that I am living my passion. So far, I have visited more than 40 countries, each of which left an indelible mark on my memory.