Climbing to Kilimanjaro

It’s a lifetime opportunity to summit the highest mountain summit in Africa

The highest mountain in Africa (5895 meters) and the fourth highest mountain in the world. If you like climbing mountains, do not hesitate to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


First Experience

It was the first time to climb a mountain and I was not physically prepared which made other mountaineers say to me, “you can’t make it”, however, I was determined to climb the mountain.

It took me eight days to climb, I was pushing myself, especially having altitude sickness, and that was the hardest thing to deal with.

But nothing is impossible with determination

Have the eager to climb mountains, however, it’s necessary to prepare before mentally and physically, because its not easy to climb a mountain without preparation because in case of a minor mistake, it could have serious consequences. Climbing Kilimanjaro was amazing as all other expeditions, its unforgettable. I urge all adventure lovers to visit Kilimanjaro and explore this historic mountain at least once a lifetime.

Climbing the fourth highest mountain in the world preparation

One of my favorite visas I got was a Tanzanian visa, one day I was looking online for a new adventure and found Mount Kilimanjaro, I had no idea about mountains or high peaks. However I decided to go through this experience, on the day I booked the trip through adventure agncy in Tanzania and I went to the embassy in Riyadh and got my visa in less than 1 hour, it was the fastest visa ever and by far my favorite. I had less than a week to prepare for the trip, so I knew I had to do some exercises that I had not done long time. I started walking every morning before work, for an hour or two, and that was not enough to climb the fourth highest mountain in the world, which is a little challenging, but I had to face this new challenge and I am happy to do that.

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