Great wall of China

Great wall of China

To the greatest wall in history

Nothing is more beautiful than going on a journey

A series of long fortifications and ancient fences in the northern part of China is called the Great Wall of China. Built over 500 years ago, it remains until today one of the most attractive tourist attractions in China. Thousands of local and foreign tourists from all over the world visit the wall and see the captivating landscapes surrounding it.


It’s charming beauty deserves a visit

My visit to the Great Wall of China and looking at all its fascinating nature and seeing the twists and turns of the wall that spans every mountain, was a different journey from all my previous trips, and it was an amazing experience.

Living the experience in all its details

I have to say, it’s a fantastic journey. So, if you’re planning to visit China, you should definitely visit the Great Wall of China and see its charming beauty, live this fun experience with its fine details, and I highly recommend avoid using elevators, and using the stairs instead.

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