Riyadh to Majmaah

Al Riyadh to Al Majma’ah

Be brave! Do what you think you can’t do.

The adventure is starting a 5-day journey trip from Ryiadh to Al Majma’ah on foot

Where does the journey begin?

The journey begins walking on foot with a 30-kilogram bag, as if it was easy, but after a while I notice that I was not fully prepared and had to walk almost 40 kilometers a day to reach the destination as soon as possible. While walking, I realized that I have been walking alone for hours, as if the destination was beyond expectations, and impossible to reach or give up at any time, but I have not lost hope, and kept walking. Finally, by the end of the fifth day, I’ve arrived to Al Majma’a.

Unforgettable experience

On the way to Al Majma’a ,I stopped for hours to give an inspiring speech in front of middle and high school students, and they asked some questions. During the walk, I met several generous people, who invited me to their homes which had a positive internal impact.

Be passionate

Passion is to discover something new, so plan to do something new every once in a while.

200 Kilometers Walk

I have to be honest here getting the approvals to walk from one city to another was ridiculous and I just hope with all my heart that this actually have changed by now. That is is all I have to say for this preparation and in terms of physical preparation, I thank God that I am at my best physical conditions and ready. Perhaps one of the exercises that I have added to my daily workout was walking on treadmill for 1 hour with my backpack that weight about 20 kilogram.

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My goal is to travel the whole world, exploring new things is my passion and I am proud to say that I am living my passion. So far, I have visited more than 40 countries, each of which left an indelible mark on my memory.